One Tablespoon

Last week we at Farm Church produced our first wheelbarrow full of composted soil.  Maybe you hear that and you think (perhaps sarcastically), “Wow.  Soil.  Incredible.  You don’t say.”  To which I say, “Yes, I know!  Soil made from banana peels, grass clippings, carrot peels, melon rinds, eggshells, wood chips… Rick, black, living soil!  Yes!”  Because I’m not just talking about any old dirt or even the “good stuff” you buy in a bag at the hardware store.  The soil I’m referring to is the culmination of many families lightening their trash load and opting instead to save veggie and fruit scraps in 5-gallon buckets on their back porches.  I’m talking about Sally, a woman who is part of Farm Church and has made numerous trips to coffee shops to collect their spent coffee grounds.  I’m talking about our volunteers who have mixed kitchen scraps with dead leaves with grass clippings with hardwood mulch – turning and turning.  I’m talking about Farm Church’s tiniest volunteers – worms and microbes going to work on that pile for weeks and weeks, gradually transforming it into a nutrient-packed concoction ready for our garden.

So last week we took a moment to just stand there and marvel at our wheelbarrow, brimming with wonderful, loamy, black soil that we made.  Then we took a tablespoon, scooped up some of our finished compost, and we passed it around the circle.  Our actions were not unlike those of connoisseurs inspecting a fine wine or a team of chefs smelling a newly made soup.  We eyeballed it, we held it up to the light, we sniffed it…  Mmmm, earthy with a citrus bouquet.

And then we allowed our minds to be blissfully sucked into the mind-blowing, soul-expanding vortex of this tiny piece of incredible information:

One tablespoon of soil contains more living organisms than there are people on the entire planet.

             [Insert sound of mind being blown here]

Can you believe that?  One tablespoon!  Over seven billion microscopic lifeforms living, thriving, eating, growing, reproducing, dying… A massive ecosystem managing life in that little spoon.  It’s utterly amazing.

The scripture that came to mind was from the gospel of John where Jesus says, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  (John 10:10) And while I’m pretty sure that Jesus wasn’t thinking about finished compost in that context, I’m struck that my own sense of abundant life isn’t often that, well, abundant.

Say the word “abundance” and I can easily picture a closet stuffed with too many shirts, a storage unit brimming with tools I struggle to find, a pantry with probably more than a few outdated items… Or I picture the abundance I sometimes wish I had – the abundance I fool myself into thinking will be the solution to life’s dilemmas – the big paycheck, the deep bank account, the plentiful retirement savings… 

Holding that tablespoon teeming with unseen, abundant life, I couldn’t help but think about the abundance all around me, and abundance I often take for granted – the rich diversity in my city, the endless moments of opportunity that await each day, prospects and possibilities for goodness, kindness, and mercy that come around each corner, yearning to bless each encounter, each word, each relationship…  This is the unseen abundance I often forget about, but it’s plentiful and it’s everywhere.

Think about it this way.  If one tablespoon of soil could be so amazingly abundant with life, what might that suggest about the world around you?  What unseen abundance is waiting to bless your existence?  And speaking of your existence, how are you perhaps more abundant than you thought you were?

Ben Johnston-Krase4 Comments