Declaration of Interdependence

On Sunday we gathered again as Farm Church.  It was a soggy weekend here in Durham, so rather than begin outside in the garden, we opted for a gathering around a table where we started 72 heads of cabbage and 72 bell peppers plants from seed.  So fun to think of these plants finding a home soon at SEEDS or at the Farm Church Garden on the corner of Watts and Green!
During worship we explored the concept of independence, naming it as a meaningful part of our nation’s history and identity, but also recognizing that our national and individual valuing of independence can belittle the ways that we are, in fact, interdependent by nature.  God seems to have blessed the whole Creation with a wonderful, interdependentdesign.  Soil to plant, plant to creature, creature to soil… Rain, river, ocean, clouds, rain… Microbes in the soil breaking down minerals, minerals contributing to the enrichment of fruits and vegetables, which in turn enrich those who consume them…   We may value our independence as individuals, but we forget our interdependence at our own peril, or at the peril of others.
Here’s the picture we created – our “Declaration of Interdependence.”  It’s nothing polished – just a brief time of reflection and a chance to jot some thoughts down on a piece of paper.  It was beautiful to see everyone (children too!) name ways they sense their interdependence with others, with nature, with God…  Present on the table, too, is bread and cup – gifts that Jesus shared with his friends as he knit them together in love and remembrance. 

Sunday was Farm Church’s 2-month anniversary as a congregation.  It is such a thrill and a privilege to gather week after week with these people as we seek to grow a church dedicated to living out God’s love on a farm.  If you’re in Durham, I hope you’ll join us soon!  And if you’re somewhere else, thank you for joining us in spirit and for blessing us with your fond thoughts and prayers!
Ben and Allen