Photos from First Farm Church Worship

On Sunday morning, May 1, sixty-four people gathered at SEEDS in Durham for the first Farm Church worship service! So much to say and so much to process as we give heartfelt thanks for this experience that was almost two years in the making - two years of visioning, praying, networking, thinking, planning, worrying, searching, praying, deciding, packing, moving, unpacking, praying, seeking, praying, praying, and praying... 

To see people walk onto the grounds at SEEDS, eager to see what Farm Church is about, eager to connect, eager to worship... We're still somewhat breathless with excitement about it all!

To the many of you who are reading this from afar, we want to thank you for being excited with us. So many of you from all over the country (and all over the world!) have been watching Farm Church and praying for us. We cannot express enough how much this means to us - we echo Paul when we say that "we always thank God for all of you" (1 Thessalonians 1:2).  We do!  

To those of you who live in the Triangle, we want to invite you to come and make church with us this Sunday! We don't really think of it as "going" to church, because the truth is that church isn't a place - rather, it's an identity that we live into when we gather - when we intentionally make church together by being present with one another, with God, with the land, with chickens... ! 

So here are photos from our first Sunday!  For your prayers, your support, your hopes and joys, we give thanks!


Ben and Allen

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