Farm Church is a church that strives to be faithful to the gospel by leveraging the resources of a farm to address food insecurity.  

Farm Church invites the spiritually curious into a life-practice of Christ-centered faith and service where Christ’s rituals of feeding, teaching, and healing are couched in the growing, collecting, preparing and serving of food. However it is not enough for the worshiping community to serve itself. It is essential too that Farm Church sees itself as a family that crosses economic and social boundaries to welcome hungry strangers and to feed them (physically, socially, and spiritually) by whatever means we are able, and to invite them into fellowship and ministry.  In this sense, Farm Church is a place where the stranger becomes a guest and where the guest becomes a host.

Farm Church not only makes church look new; it galvanizes Christian community around a place whose only purpose is to grow food responsibly to feed hungry people. Most Christian communities as we know them are gathered around a building, a location, a denominational identity. Farm Church proposes to gather around a mission to grow and provide healthy food for a hungry world in a manner that teaches earth-tending, healthy eating, and abundant sharing as spiritual practices.